Prodtype Your productivity workspace

Save everything to build up your knowledge base

When you are on the go, use the mobile app and share anything with Prodtype.

Saving everything

Take notes, add images, provide more context to your content

You can do these all manually or trigger actions to enhance your content automatically.

Notes, images and videos

Interact with the content that best suits you

Swipe through the content with flashcards. Create a structured view for note-taking. Display the content on a custom website and share it with the rest of the world.

Built in and custom view elements



Save on any device, anywhere


Offline first, conflict resolution, and revision history


Trigger actions to customize details


Customize automation and views with the API


Interact with views like flashcards


Alerts on changes or setup as reminders


Team up and add members to the workspace


Make public or provide guest access

Use Cases

Save Links

When you save a link, it automatically pulls the content so you can read it anytime.

Auto generate content from a link

Take Notes

Offline first, conflict resolution, and revision history.

Offline first note taking

Automate Details

When you save any content, you can trigger built-in actions or use your custom actions. For example, maybe you want to profile an image with machine learning or get the definition of a word.

automate details

Built-in Views

Learn the content with swipe views and flashcards.

Utilizing built in views

Custom Views

Interact with your content in any way you choose by using the API to create custom views for your content.

Custom views for learning


Get notified when content is added, updated, and deleted. Or set up spaced reminders to review the content.

Notifications to interact with your content